Bigg Boss 4: Robots upper hand on Humans in the task

Bigg Boss 4: Robots upper hand on Humans in the taskBigg Boss Season 4 is really turning interesting. The luxury budget task Humans Vs Robots is getting well. The teams were divided into two parts and the robot team looks relatively weak. The day before yesterday, Humans seem to have got the upper hand over the Robots as they successfully killed Devi and managed to drain out the charging of Robots almost to the end.However, Abhijit’s master plan worked out. He has invited Divi for using the washroom. After she was done with it, they fed Divi food and charged them. This turned out to be a masterstroke. However, Humans realized it late and by then they have lost all their cool.Especially, Sohail and Mehaboob shouted like some crime is happening and Sohail’s filthy language hasn’t gone well. Akhil later was rude on Divi for letting her team down. Even Abhijit who has done mastered the kidnap plan was so rude to his fellow teammates and even demoralized Ariana.The task is going to continu…

Birthday Message to Sister

Birthday Message to Sister

Sisters are the best in the world. Be it an elder sister or younger sisters, they are the ones who make a home much colorful and cheerful with their presence. A sister’s birthday as such makes it more special and an occasion to celebrate together with siblings, friends and family. One can send birthday wishes through text messages, through also different social networking sites. Let us see some of sample of cute birthday messages sent to sisters in different ways:

Funny Birthday Messages for Sister

Funny birthday wishes to a sister are intended to lit up the smile on the face of a sister and make her day more colorful. The funny messages can be sent through text messages or by a funny video clip which can be recorded and sent to the sister.
“Heard it’s your birthday today? You daren’t expect anything from a younger lad. Have a happy birthday sis.”

Birthday Messages for Sister on Facebook

Facebook is a social network site having millions of users using it for communicating among them. Everyday many siblings send birthday wishes to their sisters through Facebook and express their love and wishes through the networking site.
“Have a rocking birthday party. I wish you lots of luck and love on your birthday and always through Facebook due to my absence.”

21st Birthday Messages for Sister

21st birthday party is special as the sister enters her second decade of her life into twenties. It her first step into the twenties decade of her life and she celebrates in a grand way.
“As you step into your 21st year of life, I wish you lots of happy moments to cherish and may you get all the good luck in the world.”

Birthday Message to Sister from Brother

The brother sister sibling relationship includes sharing of secrets yet fights and arguments over silly things daily. This sweet and bitter moment is what makes them inseparable for life and binds their love for each other in a strong way. The brother sends gifts and birthday wishes for the sister on her birthday. He also arranges surprises for her to see that perfect smile she gives in excitement.
“To dear sister, this is your brother wishing you a happy birthday. I send you gifts to make your day special and also my love for you through this text.”

Islamic Birthday Messages for Sister

Islamic people also celebrate birthday in a grand way and send birthday greetings on their special day.
“May Allah grant you all the happiness in the world and the best of luck throughout your life? Amen!”

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Sister

Inspirational birthday wishes encourage a sister for the effort she has put into her life to make it a cherishing one and also for the love and happiness she has showered on the lives of others.
“Sis, you have been an inspiration to all us siblings and a good sibling yourself. May you have all the happiness in the world. I wish you a happy birthday.”

Birthday messages for sister in law

Sister in law are special and nice as they come from one home to another through marital bond to spread love and happiness in her new home.
“Have a rocking birthday sis in law. May you have lots of love and happiness on your birthday and you lie ahead.”

Birthday wishes for cousin sister

Cousin Sisters are  special and their birthdays are something everyone looks forward to. Siblings and cousins come together to celebrate the birthday of cousin sister, sister being a special person.
“Have a happy birthday cousin sister and may your birthday be the best of all days of your life.”

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